the Boyer lab @ utk

Alison Boyer, Joint Faculty Assistant Professor, UTK EEB

Alison is also a research scientist in the Climate Change Science Institute at Oak Ridge National Lab, where she works to mobilize large-scale terrestrial ecology data to better understand and predict global change. Her general research interests are in biogeography and macroecology, with an emphasis on using paleo-ecological data to inform biodiversity conservation.

Lacy Chick, Ph.D. committee

Lacy is interested in the factors that limit the distribution of ant species, and the possible effects of climate change on species distributions.

Jessica Welch, Ph.D. committee

Jessica is interested in conservation of bats and the management of invasive species on islands. She has conducted field studies on the Sheath-tailed bat in the Northern Mariana islands and is now studying the relationship between research effort and conservation effort in bats of the world.

Rachel Fovargue, Ph.D. committee

Rachel is a 2013 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship recipient. She is working on biodiversity prioritization and land acquisition behavior by conservation groups.

Maria Daniela Rivarola, Ph.D. committee

Daniela is interested in invasion and conservation. Her research focuses on small mammal communities in Patagonia.

Melquisedec Gamba Rios, Ph.D. committee

Melqui is a graduate student interested in the ecology and behavior of tropical American bats.

Ivan Haworth, undergraduate research

Ivan is studying the effects of human environmental impacts on vertebrate diversity. He is currently working to build a database of extinct, threatened, and endangered birds of the West Indies, with the goal of examining the characteristics of communities before and after human colonization of the islands. He is also learning R and data management tools.

Olivia Harber, undergraduate research

Olivia is examining the traits that make island birds more or less susceptible to environmental threats. She has also been learning R this semester.

Past Lab members

A. Michelle Lawing, NIMBioS Postdoctoral Fellow 2013

Michelle's postdoctoral work examined species and community responses to environmental change through time. She is now at Texas A&M University.

Morgan Douglas, M.S. committee

Morgan graduated with a M.S. in EEB in 2013. Her thesis examined the the biological traits related to extinction risk in darters (Fishes family Percidae) in the Southeastern US

Ethan Fulwood, undergraduate research (Fall 2011-Spring 2012)

Ethan completed osteological analysis of a large collection of fossil bird bones from New Caledonia. His study examined the anatomical composition of the bone assemblage and compared it to other owl-pellet-derived assemblages, both ancient and modern. He presented this work in a poster at the annual meeting of the Southeast section of the Geological Society of America in April 2012. We are currently preparing his manuscript for submission.